The Closed Captioning Encoders/Decoders of the CEA-608/708 e B37 standards for SDI (SD e HD) from Wohler are designed to help the whole feature of closed captioning transmission in digital and analog broadcasters.


Closed Captioning Encoders/Decoders models:

HDCC 608/708

The model HDCC 608/708 supports CEA-608 (SD-SDI) and CEA-708 (HD-SDI) pattern simultaneously as:

  • Encoder;
  • Decoder;
  • Monitor;
  • Encoder/Decoder GPI.


  • Rack mount: 1RU;
  • Power consumption: aprox. 10W;
  • Monitored Signals: SD-SDI/HD-SDI;
  • SDI Input: 1 SD-SDI/HD-SDI input (BNC connector);
  • SDI Output: 1 SD-SDI/HD-SDI output (BNC connector).



O modelo HDCC B37 MULTI é uma solução completa com dois canais (independentes) que suportam os padrões CEA-608 (SD-SDI) e o ARIB B37 ou CEA-708 (HD-SDI) em uma placa e que atende a todas as exigências de legendagem, como:

  • Codificador;
  • Bridge;
  • Transcoder;
  • Decodificador;
  • Monitor;
  • Encoder/Decoder GPI.


  • Rack: 1RU;
  • Consumo de energia: aproximadamente 10W;
  • Sinais monitorados: SD-SDI/HD-SDI;
  • Entradas SDI: 2 entradas HD / SD-SDI (conector BNC);
  • Saídas SDI: 2 saídas HD / SD-SDI (conector BNC).

Rack 1U para Encoders/Decoders de Closed Caption:

HDCC 1RU Enclosure


The Rack 1U for the Encoders/Decoders of Closed Captioning holds over two HDCC cards, side by side with two redundant Power supplies.

EITV and Wohler Partnership

EITV and Wohler have a partnership to delivery for the Brazilian market a complete solution for the streaming of Closed Caption.

Wohler’s award winning devices has a broad and high quality solutions for audio, video, data management, and Closed Caption for every kind of user. Established in 1987, in the San Francisco Bay area, the manufacturer became the main provider for the production of digital audio and video.

EiTV helped Wohler with the knowledge of the Brazilian Market, to design and complain their equipments with the ISDB-T pattern, looking forward to have a low cost and highly efficient device.


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