EiTV IPTV & VOD is aimed at broadcasting IP channels and VOD content in hospitals, hotels, corporate TVs, schools, universities, restaurants, condominiums and companies.

EiTV brought to the IPTV & VOD market all its experience of more than 15 years in streaming technology and digital TV. With this knowledge enriched by important opinions from its customers, the IPTV & VOD solution was designed to meet the specific demands of hospitals, hotels, corporate TVs, schools, universities, restaurants, condominiums and companies that want to implement IPTV & VOD services in their network.

The EiTV IPTV & VOD solution comprises channel receivers, a management platform for controlling and protecting IP channels and VOD content, and applications for displaying live channels and on-demand content on smartphones, tablets, PCs and smartvs.

The image below illustrates how the system works:

Components of the EiTV IPTV & VOD solution:

  • Channel and Content Management Platform;
  • Channel Receivers;
  • Apps for smartphones, tablets, PCs and smartvs;

In the sequence, we detail each of the components of the solution.


Channel and Content Management Platform

The channel and content management platform is responsible for controlling and protecting IP channels and the storage and distribution of VOD content. In this system, the system manager will perform the following actions:

  • Manage IP channels;
  • Control client access;
  • Monitor applications and devices;
  • Uploading, encoding and storing content for on-demand distribution;
  • Transcoding and encryption of IP channels;

Channel Receivers

With the EiTV Streaming Box it is possible to stream from channels in VHF/UHF frequency. This equipment is recommended in CATV operations, to feed the headend of cable TV or IPTV operators and for signal distribution.

The EiTV Streaming Box is configurable via WebBrowser and the user defines which frequency he wants to tune into. After configuration, the receiver immediately starts to tune and stream all data on that frequency, making all PIDs and services available in a Transport Stream over UDP.

Through the SNMP protocol, it is also possible to configure the tuning parameters and IP transmission of the box, in addition to checking the equipment status and signal level information.



The platform is delivered fully customized to the customer with their colors, logo and personalized URL. We will also develop and deliver client-exclusive applications for the web, cell phones (iOS and Android), tablets, Samsung and LG smart TVs, as well as televisions or set-top boxes compatible with the Android TV operating system.