EiTV IPTV & VOD solution was developed and continues to be improved constantly to keep up with market demands.

EITV brought to the IPTV and VOD markets all its experience in the complex market of broadcast, in which it has been operating for over 10 years. With its experience and important opinions from customers, the EiTV IPTV & VOD SOLUTION has evolved and today, in addition to meeting specific demands for hotels, corporate TVs, schools, universities, restaurants, clinics and condominiums wishing deploy IPTV and VOD services on your network.

EiTV IPTV & VOD SOLUTION consists of audio and video encoders, management system for control and protection of IP channels and VOD content, and set-top boxes for the reception of live channels and display the contents on demand.

As an additional, EiTV IPTV & VOD SOLUTION enables the delivery of interactive applications for customer access through the platform.

The image below illustrates how the system works:

Components of EiTV IPTV & VOD SOLUTION:

  • EiTV IPTV & VOD Server;
  • EiTV IPTV Encoder;
  • EiTV smartBox;

Subsequently we detail each of the solution components.

EiTV IPTV & VOD Server

EiTV IPTV & VOD Server is responsible for the control and protection of IP channels and the storage and distribution of VOD content. In this system, the administrator user performs the following actions:

  • Manage IP channels;
  • Control customers;
  • Monitor the set-top boxes;
  • Uploading, encoding and storing of videos for on-demand distribution;
  • Interactive applications storage for distribution through the platform;

EiTV IPTV Encoder

EITV IPTV Encoder features high performance, low latency and low bit rates for IPTV / OTT systems, H.264 / AVC, up to 1080p resolution. High video quality with lower bit rate that can effectively save the cost of bandwidth. The encoder accepts one HDMI or SDI input channel delivering the TS format over IP (H.264) with multi-protocol and multi-resolution, which can be adjusted freely according to your needs.

It meets the needs of the areas of education, health, IPTV, OTT, conference, public security, banking, transportation and other applications.

  • Support 1 x HDMI or SDI input channel (HDCP support);
  • RTMP support;
  • H.264 High Profile support and MP3 & AAC audio compression;
  • Bit rate mode: CBR / VBR;
  • Allows setting of image parameters;
  • Configurable audio output modes: left, right and stereo;
  • Multi-rate setting, multi-resolution and multi-protocol;
  • Outputs: RTSP / HTTP / UDP or RTMP protocol;
  • Web-based interface management;
  • Full-duplex mode 100M;

EiTV smartBox

The EITV smartBox is a hybrid set-top box (ISDB-T and IP) suitable for use in IPTV and VOD solutions.

The EITV smartBox turns your TV into a Smart TV. Besides having sound and digital image with superb quality. EITV smartBox possess interactive features and access to online videos via the Internet.

The EITV smartBox has innovative features that set it apart from other existing digital converters in the market dedicated to IPTV projects. Besides tune IP channels, the set-top box also tune digital channels of broadcast TV in high definition, has full support for interactivity in the pattern set for the Brazilian Digital TV System (DTVi) that allows access to various interactive applications transmitted by broadcasters TV or available through IPTV / VOD platform.


  • Full HD resolution;
  • Signal free of interference and noise;
  • Program Guide on the screen;
  • List of favorite channels;
  • Digital recorder: TV program recording on an external flash drive via the USB port;


  • App Portal: Dozens of unique apps to run on your TV;
  • Ginga (DTVi): Implementation of interactive applications transmitted by broadcasters through the open channels;
  • Media Player: viewing photos, music and videos stored on external flash drive via the USB port;


  • High sound quality, 6-channel audio (5.1 surround)
  • Subtitle and Closed Caption
  • Secondary audio (SAP)
  • Audio Description