EiTV MultiEPG is an equipment developed by EiTV that allows the generation of programming guide for different Digital TV standards and also with different identifiers in a single equipment.

This flexibility allows, for example, a broadcaster to generate the EPG for its ISDB-Tb digital terrestrial signal and also the guide for satellite distribution in the DVB-S / S2 standard.
Another use of EiTV MultiEPG is the centralization of EPG generation by a network head. From the central, it is possible to generate the EPG and TOT used in several generators, correctly identifying the Network ID, Service ID and the time of each of them, maintaining full compatibility with the ABNT standards.

Key features:

  • Access and operation 100% WEB
  • Inserting programming information via WEB interface or CSV / XML file
  • Entering Time and Region Information (TOT and Local Time Offset)
  • Configuration of several different TSs
  • Compatibility with ISBD-Tb and DVB Digital TV Systems
  • ASI and IP (TSoverUDP) Output Interfaces

In addition to sale the complete equipment (Server DELL + Software), EiTV also offers the possibility of Selling or Leasing only the Software for installation in clients Hardware (DELL Server or similar).