Contribution over IP

The EiTV solution for Contribution over IP is based on equipment compact, efficient and easy operation.

With inputs such as HD-SDI, HDTV, RGB, YPbPr, CV + Aud is possible to use different sources to capture audio and video to be encoded for transmission over IP and in the other edge of the network will be decoded to formats such as HD-SDI, HDTV, RGB, YPbPr, CV + Aud.

In the tables below present options for inputs and outputs in encoder and decoder functions of the different models:

Among the Encoders / Decoders recommended by EiTV for use in contribution over IP, we highlight the models:
MVPR-01MVPR-02, MVPR-20, DME-01DME-02, DME-03, MVE-02, MVE-20 and MVE-40.

For more information on other Encoders / Decoders, please contact our support team.