EiTV Playout Professional

EiTV Playout Professional is a high availability professional equipment directed to digital TV broadcasters totally compatible with the specifications of the brazilian pattern SBTVD (ISDB-Tb)

Besides using on TV Stations as a function implementer, it can be configured as a complete interactive station of digital TV broadcast. With this product, TV stations, network operators and producers can broadcast containing high-definition programs and interactive content. The station can also be used by television and set-top boxes manufacturers for the product validation. For the iTV application developers, is an ideal platform of developing and applications tests.

The equipment offers the best cost-benefit of the market, since it integrates different functions witch, in general, are realized by specific equipments.

Main features:

  • Audio/Video server
  • SI server
  • EPG server
  • Closed Caption server
  • Data server (Ginga/OAD)
  • Emergency Warning Broadcast System (EWBS) server
  • Logo (CDT) server
  • Closed Caption Encoder SDI
  • Multiplexer
  • Remultiplexer