EiTV Streaming Box

EiTV Streaming Box is a set top box designed to decode an ISDB-Tb RF signal and transmit all the content in an IP network, in UDP format (Unicast / Multicast)

With the EiTV Streaming Box it is possible to stream from channels in VHF / UHF frequency. This equipment is recommended in CATV operations, to feed cable TV / IPTV operators and for signal distribution.

The EiTV Streaming Box is configurable via WebBrowser and the user defines the frequency that they want to tune. After setup, the set-top box immediately starts tuning in and streaming all the data contained in that frequency, making all the PIDs and services available in a Transport Stream over UDP.

Through the SNMP protocol, it is also possible to configure the tuning and IP transmission parameters of the box, as well as to check the equipment status and signal level information.

Key features:

  • Transmitting all RF signal content over IP (TS over UDP)
  • Null packet filter for total rate reduction
  • Monitoring and control via Web Interface and SNMP