EiTV CC Studio

EiTV CC Studio is a Java developed software with the goal of being an integrator between the sources of the closed captioning.

It has a simple API that allows the connection with any text generator and communication with most of the Closed Caption inserter available supporting many protocols over Serial (RS-232) and IP (TCP/UDP).

Main features:

  • PC 112 keyboard for quick insertions
  • Text files
  • Srt files (with timecode)
  • Integration Voice recognition systems (automatic or re-speaking)
  • Integration with Teleprompter from different manufacturers
  • Live Interface
  • Plugin integration
  • IP (TCP / UDP) and Serial (RS-232) communication
  • Support to Protocolos: CEA-608, CEA-708(CDP over Grand Alliance), Text over XML (ABNT-NBR15610-1 – Anexo A), Control-A, Grand Alliance