EiTV Inspector Box

EiTV Inspector Box is a Transport Stream analyzer equipment that receives broadcast content on its integrated ISDB-Tb tuner.

Through Transport Stream analysis it is possible to identify, in a visual or remote way (Web / SNMP), Sync errors, continuity, repetition of tables or PIDs, in addition to custom alarms, where the user can define a certain parameter for alarm triggering.

It also has a complete analysis of the EPG and Closed Caption, with real-time visualization of these contents through the Web interface.

In addition to scanning, the device allows you to write content directly to the internal flash memory or to an external USB flash drive / HDD connected to the USB port.

Key features:

  • Tuning of the ISDB-Tb (VHF / UHF) digital RF signal from the broadcaster.
  • Access via remote control, front panel or IP (web interface)
  • Monitoring, configuring, downloading the recorded TSs and a full Web interface analysis
  • Composite and HDMI outputs with decoding of channel services and current status of Transport Stream analyzes
  • Monitoring of specific parameters such as Network ID, Service ID, Virtual Channel
  • Complete analysis of EPG, Closed Caption, PSI / SI Tables and TR 101 error checking 290 Priorities 1, 2 and 3