EiTV Inspector Box

EiTV Inspector Box is a Transport Stream analyzer equipment that monitors the transport, synchronization and delivery information of broadcasting content in terrestrial coverage areas in the ISDB-T standard.

EiTV Inspector Box is a Transport Stream analyzer equipment developed in Brazil and capable of tracking the signal reception quality of free-to-air TV stations at terrestrial coverage areas, making it possible to monitor data synchronization, EPG operation (TV channel programming) and Closed Caption (resource that allows audiovisual accessibility), aiming to guarantee the correct delivery of programming to viewers.

The product is capable of receiving the broadcaster’s content via the ISDB-Tb signal (Integrated Digital Transmission Service adopted in Brazil), for checking errors in the multiplex signaling – a resource that allows the packaging of multiple transport streams of various programs (MPTS ), among other information.

EITV Inspector Box also performs recordings of program excerpts in the “BTS/TS Compressed” format to meet legal and regulatory requirements, including program backup control. Another feature of the product is the possibility of having a centralized multiviewer panel to have a comprehensive view of several boxes scattered throughout the station’s coverage area. To find out how the reception is in each region, the broadcaster can place several boxes in each of the coverage cities.

Support for TV set technical assistance

It is common for a TV set manufacturer to assist in its technical assistance network with devices that report errors in the reception of a certain channel, when, in fact, the problem is not with the device, but with the broadcaster. EITV Inspector Box can be used to check if the signal of a given channel is arriving correctly in that location, making it easier to discover the error. It is not necessary to have equipment at each service, but a local agent can have a communication channel with the manufacturers and these with their network to create a consultation panel on the signal in the locality.

Support for municipal governments and public broadcasters

City halls that are investing in the implementation of their digital TV channels in their locations can also use the EITV Inspector Box to configure and monitor their channels, increasing their signal delivery capacity to the entire local community.

The equipment offers numerous features so that public TV stations can improve their transmission signal quality, in addition to ensuring that the digital channel is efficiently displayed on all TV sets.

Equipment interfaces

By analyzing the Transport Stream, it is possible to identify, visually or remotely (Web/SNMP), the composition of the various PIDs, displaying the structure of tables and descriptors, Sync errors, continuity, repetition of tables or PIDs, in addition to of customized alarms, where the user can define a certain parameter, which in case of failure an alarm is triggered.

It also has a complete analysis of the EPG and Closed Caption, with real-time visualization of these contents through the Web interface.

In addition to the analysis, the equipment allows the recording of content directly on the internal flash memory or on a pen drive / external HD connected to the USB port.

Key features:

  • Tuning of the ISDB-Tb (VHF / UHF) digital RF signal from the broadcaster.
  • Access via remote control, front panel or IP (web interface)
  • Monitoring, configuring, downloading the recorded TSs and a full Web interface analysis
  • Composite and HDMI outputs with decoding of channel services and current status of Transport Stream analyzes
  • Monitoring of specific parameters such as Network ID, Service ID, Virtual Channel
  • Complete analysis of EPG, Closed Caption, PSI / SI Tables and TR 101 error checking 290 Priorities 1, 2 and 3