EiTV Inspector

EiTV Inspector is a long-lasting programming recorder with content analysis differentials, intuitive interface and integrated Web player.

EiTV ISDB-T Dual Encoder

EiTV ISDB-T Dual Channel Encoder is a low cost and high efficiency audio and video encoder for SBTVD (ISDB-Tb) transmission in a rack-mount system.

EiTV LR CC Inserter

EiTV LR CC Inserter is a Closed Caption CEA-608/708 SDI (3G / HD / SD) inserter that is intended to serve closed captioning on analog and digital networks.

EiTV Matriz CC

The Closed Caption Matrix enables simple and intuitive connection of different inputs to one or more destinations (inserters) through TCP / IP communication.


EiTV MultiEPG is an equipment developed by EiTV that allows the generation of programming guide for different Digital TV standards and also with different identifiers in a single equipment.

EiTV Playout Professional

EiTV Playout Professional is a high availability professional equipment directed to digital TV broadcasters totally compatible with the specifications of the brazilian pattern SBTVD (ISDB-Tb)

Z3 Encoder/Decoder IPTV

The Z3 product line offers high performance encoders and decoders in real time at competitive prices.

EiTV Downconverter Box

With EiTV Downconverter Box your broadcaster guarantees more quality in the decoding of your IP streams.

EiTV Inspector Box

EiTV Inspector Box is a Transport Stream analyzer equipment that monitors the transport, synchronization and delivery information of broadcasting content in terrestrial coverage areas in the ISDB-T standard.

EiTV Streaming Box

EiTV Streaming Box is a set top box designed to decode an ISDB-Tb RF signal and transmit all the content in an IP network, in UDP format (Unicast / Multicast)

EiTV IPTV Player

EiTV IPTV Player is an application developed by EiTV for viewing and monitoring channels transmitted on the IP (local) network using TS over UDP protocol in MULTICAST mode.

EiTV IPTV Server

EiTV IPTV Server is responsible for storing, managing and monitoring the content distributed to the receivers installed in the IPTV solution.

EiTV CC Studio

EiTV CC Studio is a Java developed software with the goal of being an integrator between the sources of the closed captioning.

EiTV Middleware

EiTV Middleware is a complete implementation of Ginga for ISDB-T (DTVi) receivers.