The Company

EiTV’s Mission: Satisfy the needs of companies with integrated solutions for streaming and digital TV.

Founded in 2005, EiTV is a company specialized in technologies for streaming and digital TV. The company promotes the migration of traditional TV platforms (broadcast and pay-TV) to online digital platforms, reducing tax costs, increasing competitiveness and growing the subscriber base.

If a TV station or Internet provider seeks to create a Streaming and Digital TV platform to reverse the loss of audience for worldwide players such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and HBO Max, without having to invest high in engineering and in many resources for the implementation and maintenance of your platform, the EiTV team has the right experts to facilitate your journey.

Before looking for new opportunities, it is very important to analyze the current business model to understand its limitations. EiTV analyzes each element of its business model and assesses how each business approach is aligned with industry trends and consumer preferences. It is also important to have a clear view of the advantages and disadvantages of its business model over the competition.

EiTV products differentiate themselves by having most of their technology conceived by the company’s own research and development team. In this way, EiTV can quickly make changes, enhancements and improvements to meet the wishes of consumers. This gives customers confidence that the products purchased from EiTV will not be obsolete and will have a longer life expectancy, and will always have the technical support and expert support from the manufacturer.

EiTV‘s export strategy envisages some lines of work to ensure greater market access for the company’s products. Through new commercial partnerships and the deepening of existing trade agreements, EiTV‘s products are less subject to cultural restrictions for entry into different countries. Likewise, with the improvement and diffusion of the instruments of intelligence and commercial promotion, it facilitates the insertion of EiTV products in the foreign market, contributing, in addition, to the promotion of the company’s image and brand.

EiTV has a branch in Delaware (USA) (EiTV USA Inc.) and a commercial office in Florida with the objective of strengthening its relationship with the company’s technology partners abroad. EiTV has strong partnerships with multinational companies in the development of digital TV equipment.

With the adoption of the ISDB-T standard by several Latin American countries, the company carried out a work of locating and forming channels of distribution of its products to these countries.

Streaming and Digital TV

Developments in streaming and digital TV market in the last decade promises to revolutionize the way people interact with their televisions. EiTV‘s equipment, software libraries, applications and services allow TV stations and Internet providers to develop more rapidly advanced digital services that increase average revenue per user and create a market differentiator.

EiTV operates in the following market for streaming and digital TV:

  • Free-to-air TV (terrestrial and satellite broadcast);
  • OTT;
  • IPTV;
  • Pay TV (cable and satellite).

EiTV offers three families of products for the internet providers and TV stations markets:

  • Streaming Platform: EiTV CLOUD allows TV broadcasters and content providers to offer OTT, TV Everywhere and Cloud TV services for free (AVOD) or paid (SVOD & TVOD). We do this by offering a white label platform where media content providers can launch their own streaming audio and video services over multiple devices (Live & On-Demand) in a matter of just a few days and with low initial investment. EiTV CLOUD works on the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model and charges a variable monthly fee based on the amount of resources and services used by content providers. EiTV has partnered with Amazon Web Services to offer the EiTV CLOUD platform to its customers.
  • Middleware: middleware execution environments and software libraries which enable digital devices such as set-top boxes to bear the essential standards for DTV.
  • Transmission and Reception Platforms: Equipment for generation of digital television signal, including EPG (electronic programming guide) servers, data carousel / objects, tables, PSI / SI, closed captioning, transport stream multiplexers, H-264 encoders, TS/BTS recording and analysis equipment, professional receivers and set-top boxes.

Professional Services

The experienced EiTV‘s technical team offers development, portability, integration and product testing services. With advanced knowledge about aspects of software technologies for digital TV and mobile devices, EiTV provides the following professional services:

  • Development, portability, integration and testing of products;
  • Technical support for laboratory and field;
  • Specifications for commercial implementations of open standards;
  • Testing and certification of compliance with standards;
  • Classroom and distance training.

Using its agile development methodology, based on the SCRUM standard, largely recognized by the market, the products are generated and controlled in all the process stages, having as a fundamental guideline the reaching of the requirements in terms of quality and time.

Some EiTV software development methodology differentials:

  • Cost reduction by the utilization of components and best software engineering practices;
  • Software building standardization and quality guarantee oriented process;
  • Documentation of all the byproducts generated during the cicle;
  • Agility, ready answer and fluctuating demand absorption;
  • High specialized professionals, in multi-disciplinary areas, with graduate, master and Ph.D. level by the more respectable Brazilian universities.