EiTV Inspector

EiTV Inspector is a long-lasting programming recorder with content analysis differentials, intuitive interface and integrated Web player.

The equipment records the signal sent by the broadcaster in “BTS / TS Compressed” format for at least 30 days and recording for a recompressed service for a period of at least 3 months.

Content can be received via IP (TS / BTS over UDP / RTP), ASI (188/204), RF (UVF / VHF – Digital or Analog) and SDI (SD / HD / 3G).

With several functionalities developed in conjunction with the broadcasters, it is a versatile equipment serving several areas within the TVs (Engineering, Commercial, Programming).

It has a Transport Stream parser with decoding of ISDB-Tb tables and descriptors and performs the analysis and reporting for each of the Transport Stream services of the following data:

  • Closed Caption
  • EPG
  • Loudness
  • Interactivity

Key features:

  • Recording content in original and compressed resolution
  • RF Inputs (VHF / UHF – Digital and Analog), IP, SDI and ASI
  • Full Transport Stream Analyzer (SI / PSI Tables and TR 101 290 Priority 1)
  • Generating Closed Caption and Loudness compliance reports