EiTV ISDB-T Dual Encoder

EiTV ISDB-T Dual Channel Encoder is a low cost and high efficiency audio and video encoder for SBTVD (ISDB-Tb) transmission in a rack-mount system.

It encodes from a single entry, or distinct inputs, up to 2 services all resolutions: HD, SD and One-Seg, multiplexed in a single TS over ASI and/or IP (TSoverUDP).

It has internal generation of all PSI / SI tables required for ISDB-Tb transmission (PAT, PMT, SDT, NIT, TOT), Programming Guide (EPG-H / L-EIT), Closed Caption extraction from HD-SDI video and conversion from CEA-608/708 to ARIB-B24 (ISDB-Tb standard). In addition, it allows the insertion of local Closed Caption, via IP, with automatic bypass of the content received in the video signal.

Main features:

  • WEB Interface / Serial configuration
  • Inputs: SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, Component
  • Outputs (MPEG2-TS with up to 2 services): ASI and IP (TSoverUDP)
  • Compatible with ISDB-Tb Encoding standards: ABNT15602-1, ABNT15602-2 and ABNT15602-3
  • Up to 2 services (HD + HD, HD + SD, HD + OneSeg, SD + SD or SD + OneSeg) multiplexed
  • Compatible with Multiplexing ISDB-Tb standards: ABNT15603-1, ABNT15603-2 and ABNT15603-3
  • Closed Caption conversion from HD-SDI video (CEA-708) and local insertion via TCP / IP, as standards ABNT15606-1 and ARIB STD-B24 VOL1 PART 3
  • Internal Generation of Programming Guide (EPG) from XML file (via FTP) or Web interface

EiTV and Z3 Partnership

EiTV and Z3 Technology established a partnership to bring to market complete systems for transmitting ISDB-T digital TV.

Z3 products, modules and multimedia software applications are target to broadcast digital TV (ISDB-T), IPTV, digital signage, security, monitoring, media players, closed circuit TV, DVR, games and multimedia industry applications.

EiTV used its extensive experience in the Brazilian digital TV market, to help Z3 to tailor their products to the specifications of the ISDB-T, in order to offer to the broadcasters low cost and high efficiency solutions for transmission of digital audio and video.