LINK CC Inserter

Link CC Inserter in the CEA-608/708 SDI (SD and HD) standards is the complete and definitive solution for Closed Caption transmission in analog and digital networks.

The SDI outputs go through an internal re-clock that generates an Eye Pattern that is generally better than the input.

It has two RS-232 serial ports, both with adjustable transmission rates and two ports encapsulated in an Ethernet connector, allowing two TCP / IP connections.

Its menu on the front panel allows you to set options for re-sending or redirecting data, Closed Caption line settings, and automatic bypass when receiving CC content in the video.

Key features:

  • Network interfaces with 2 TCP connections for insertion
  • 2 Interfacing Serials (RS-232)
  • 3 SDI outputs, one protected by bypass relay
  • Communication protocol “608-ControlA”