EiTV Remux Datacaster

EiTV Remux Datacaster is a ISDB-T multiplexer and re-multiplexer designed for DTV standard used in Brazil and other South American countries.

The product supports working with multiprogramming as needed by the TV station.

Additionally, it has features for PSI / SI tables editingIIP packet generation and configuration for operation in single frequency networks (SFN).

EiTV Remux Datacaster has exclusive features for internal generation of EPGGinga and Closed Caption.

The multiplexer has up to 7 inputs channels (6 ASI and 1 IP inputs) and 3 output channels (2 ASI (BTS) and 1 IP).

Main features:

  • Access and operation 100% Web-based
  • 6 ASI inputs and 1 IP input (TSoverUDP/RTP)
  • 2 ASI outputs and 1 IP output (BTSoverUDP/RTP)
  • Internal generation of charts SI/PSI: PAT, CAT, PMT, SDT, NIT, TOT, BIT e AIT
  • Insertion of programming information by WEB interface or XML files
  • Closed Caption internal generation (ARIB-B24) from Serial inputs, IP or from Extractor SDI/Composite
  • Ginga interactivity internal generation
  • GPS antenna input and 10Mhz/1PPS outputs

EiTV and UBS Partnership

EiTV and Unique Broadband Systems (UBS) established a partnership to take complete transmission systems into the Brazilian market under the ISDB-T pattern.

A Toronto based company, UBS has the leadership of the world’s audio and video broadcasting technology. Their product are compatible with all the main systems nowadays in use such as ISDB-T, ATSC, ATSC-MH, DVB-T/H, DVB-SH, CMMB, DTMB, and DAB+, being used worldwide.

EiTV helped UBS with the knowledge of the Brazilian and South America markets, to design and complain their equipments with the ISDB-T standard, looking forward to have a low cost and highly efficient device.