With the EiTV CC Box, the broadcaster can make use of the digital distribution link or the VHF / UHF signal itself from the Digital Transmitter to power the Analog Transmitter, simplifying the operation completely.

The EiTV CC Box tunes to channels directly from the transmitter’s ISDB-Tb (VHF / UHF) digital signal or through an IP stream on the TSoverUDP or TSoverRTP and 188- or 204-byte (BTS) packets.

It allows the insertion of analog transmission information , published in Administrative Rule No. 378 of January 22, 2016 and reviewed by GIRED on February 20, 2017 and converts the Closed Caption received in the ARIB- B24 for the CEA-608 standard that will be inserted into Field 1 of Line 21 in the composite output.

Key features:

  • ISDB-Tb signal decoding via RF or IP
  • Generation of composite format (NTSC / PAL-M) with caption on line 21 and application of LetterBox / PanScan video formats.
  • Management and Control via IP (Web Interface / SNMP)
  • Automatic switching between RF and IP inputs (Main / Backup)
  • Composite and HDMI outputs with decoding of channel services with Closed Caption burned in video
  • Logo Inserts, Crawl Text, and Manual or Automatic Placard
  • Allows you to add a custom audiolocation during Cartela display